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Happier in Motherhood

Jun 17, 2021

Welcome to Episode 69 of the Happier in Motherhood Podcast! I am so ready to introduce you to the concept of Inviting in Your Life. This is for you if you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed right now or even needing to make some decisions for what’s next and you just don’t know. This episode changes everything. 

Have you joined my FB group, Happier in Motherhood, yet? So here’s the deal. This group is where all of the magic, like bonus classes and special offers are happening. It’s a growth community for you and the space for you to connect with me more intimately. Next Thursday, 6/24, I’ll be dropping the next podcast deep dive, which will go into today’s podcast topic on a whole other level. This is to support you so that you’re not just a passive listener, but actively changing your life. I know I’m ready for more and so are you.